Saturday, September 14, 2013

My First "Lost Witness" Review

As an author, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing a complete stranger enjoyed my book. This week, a volunteer reader was kind enough to give my upcoming humorous mystery novel, Lost Witness, its first review on Goodreads. I really can't describe how happy I am reading it so you'll just have to picture me with a smile I can't erase.

Sometimes I just want to reach through the Internet and hug my reviewers. But in lieu of this option, I find myself itching to contact them instead in order to let them know the time they spent to write a thoughtful review is really appreciated. Is that considered bad author etiquette? From the articles I've read, "yes" seems to be the popular answer. Apparently, readers don't like to be badgered by pushy authors. Who knew?

Of course, that guideline only applies when the reader doesn't initiate contact. As soon as a reader writes to me directly, I can self-promote, spam, and pester to my heart's content. Oh, wait, that's not advised either?

I guess I'll just have to satisfy myself with posting a public thank-you. So, to my current and future reviewers, know that your efforts are not wasted. If your review is good, you'll make my day. If it's bad, hopefully I can learn something from your feedback. Either way, I am reading what you have to say.

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