Thursday, November 28, 2013

Read Tuesday

So I recently heard about this event called Read Tuesday, which takes place December 10, 2013. It is designed to be like Black Friday, only for books. From my perspective, the most appealing feature about Read Tuesday is that one can participate without worrying about humankind trampling over them in order to secure the last game console, television, or [insert item of your choice] before it returns to regular price. I'm not sure who first had the brilliant idea of following Thanksgiving with Black Friday, but the two balance each other nicely. The same people giving thanks today will be the ones bulldozing over their fellow man tomorrow in order to save a few bucks.

So what am I giving thanks for this Thanksgiving? Online shopping, ebooks, and the general civilized nature of the reading community. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, non-Americans included, and I hope you all find some great deals at the Read Tuesday event.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIVORCE Revisited

I recently finished preparing my next release, The Amicable Divorce, for publication. The Amicable Divorce is the first novel I wrote, back in 2004, and rereading it was like visiting with old friends. Although I remembered the basics, I had forgotten some of the scenes. I had great fun reading it again for the first time in seven years.

I spent two years writing The Amicable Divorce. I had a traditional job back then, but at times I devoted over forty hours per week to working on this novel too. Books are kind of like children to the people who create them. Like any new parent, sometimes you can't get enough of your own child, and this story was my baby . . . only one that I could leave in the closet for several years without Child Protective Services hunting me down. Now, with self-publishing, my firstborn has finally found a home.

The Amicable Divorce is more chick-lit than mystery, although there is a significant mystery aspect. I know that won't appeal to some people. As always, you can read the opening chapters on Smashwords before deciding whether to purchase the entire book. But whether I sell any copies or not, I've already realized the greatest joy of its publication: a professionally bound copy of my baby sitting on my bookshelf.